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Hello! I am Sarah > the face 'behind the words’ of LIFE INVENTORY. I am committed to provide a collection of lifestyle + wellness + fitness blogs & articles as a platform to bring together like-minds and highlight PRO & key influencers, and brands. And equally important to enhance knowledge & skills, and support & educate a culture that activates & facilitates CHANGE = celebrating our progress & victories together! 

As I’ve introduced the practice of taking a ‘LIFE INVENTORY’; I have been my own advocate in taking a cumulative self-examination because I knew it was an absolute necessity for my own personal growth = sharpening of my mind + the nourishment of my soul + providing a consistent fresh lens of perspective. 

I choose to not only take a ‘life inventory’ during the New Year but  everyday; which I call a 'DAILY RESOLUTION'. This to create a heightened sense of awareness & balance. Because of this I’m better in-tune with my heart + my authentic self, and what feels good = to gravitate more towards, and what does not = to walk away from. 

Additionally, I am the face behind LIFEORBIT a lifestyle consulting company AND the upcoming launch of FITORBIT > a active fitness apparel brand = fueled by intention & ambition to engage my passion for living a healthy & active lifestyle. And in-turn activate others to make this lasting lifestyle change themselves.

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