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Share + Life Inventory = ELEVATE YOUR LIFE_1.0

To exponentially ELEVATE your life it is our standards of happiness, love, values, personal development and responsibility that help set this course for us...

We must commit to removing fearful thoughts, acts to timidity, and the need to conform to feel some sense of belonging. This includes having the #courage to think and envision as big as you possibly can; expecting nothing less than the very best! ELEVATION is about empowering yourself to stay motivated in overcoming our fears that often keep us stuck in accepting the smaller parcels of life’s joy…

Remember YOU are your most important product! If you neglect yourself personally, you will create limitations that will slow down or stop your elevation journey. It’s an important baseline to come from a place of gratitude and kindness; that is geared towards higher standards…providing feedback not criticism, and to see possibilities not problems. There is no greater value you can offer to yourself and to those around you than the simple power of kindness and grace.

>We MUST create the emotional environment around us and within our LifeOrbit to be infectious, courageous, and advantageous<

I can’t stress enough how important your ORBIT is; who and what influencers are around us...If there is one ‘life inventory’ you should take daily it is this! Choose your LifeOrbit with wisdom, grace, follow your intuition, and stay true to your authentic self! I personally have a much smaller ORBIT than I did 10 years ago; this due to the shifts in my life paths and constant change in perspective.

Your mindset and thought process are equally important; to not think or speak negativity into our realm or to allow others opinions to kill your joy! YOU possess the deep understanding that there are available solutions to your hardships and challenges. And in-turn we must set boundaries with others, and come with the approach of a solution-focused perspective! THIS will engage and direct your thoughts towards a creative process of examining and architecting alternative routes vs. staying in ‘a box’ or stuck within false beliefs and fears.

If you are struggling to achieve or stay in this mind-set; I would encourage you to open your thoughts to others. Seek out the guidance of a life coach, counselor, business advisor or personal trainer…whatever life vertical you are struggling in…this is again about forming and weaving together your LifeOrbit!

Bottom line, having a solution-focused mind will reward and inspire you and those within your ORBIT. When solutions are the focus of your life you learn to quickly adapt > move away from and redirect your path towards the high quality life you desire!

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and begin to set the baseline habits, routines, and the thought process around truly ELEVATING YOUR LIFE! And empower yourself with self love and care. Take advantage of what it means to have the unrestricted opportunity to love your life, to be kind, and to strive for that beautiful and attainable sense of personal freedom and chasing your dreams. In your freedom lies your personal power to ELEVATE!

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