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As we learn to continually practice meditation; we will see that over and over again it will provide us with a time of stillness to visualize our dreams, our road-maps, and our future self. We must use our creative visualization as #motivation to evolve and #elevate into higher levels.

It’s important to understand that self-management is entwined with having a strong sense of motivation. These operational building blocks are; #Autonomy – the urge and desire to direct our own lives in alignment to our values and interests. #Mastery – the desire to get better and better at something that matters to us. #Purpose – the yearning to do what we do in the service of doing something larger than ourselves.

Our level of motivation is directly related to our performance. Even if we have the best of intentions and plans, we may fail if we are not motivated to regulate our behavior and avoid the temptation to procrastinate or push our goals aside.

This means that self-management covers a wide range of behaviors from the minute-to-minute choices – to what I call ‘daily resolutions’, and the larger, more significant decisions that can have a significant impact on our success.

The more motivated we are to achieve our goals, the more capable we are to strive toward them! As we learn to keep a clear perspective through self-reflection, mindfulness, trust, and belief in ourselves; we will see our road-map as motivating not cumbersome or daunting.

To that point; being able to make pivotal and re-directive shifts within our journey is having emotional agility…because we all know that nothing goes as planned! This is having the ability to be in-tune with our emotions - with curiosity, compassion, and especially courage to take the necessary steps.

Both self-awareness and self-management - having the ability to set priorities, regulate our emotions, and to resist our impulses is a vital piece of emotional intelligence (EI). These skills are not inherent but are learned and built over time. When we are able to successfully navigate and make good choices, we set ourselves up to meet our goals and enjoy an overall greater well-being.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and live life present and make every moment in your journey count!

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