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You may have not bought into the idea of taking a ‘life inventory’ but think of it this way…a self-evaluation or ‘inventory’ is done in corporate America all the time. A business will spend thousands of dollars and months, maybe years to conduct a critical business inventory or evaluation. Why? To improve the quality, performance, and staffing of their business. And we all take consistent inventory in our homes; of your fridge/pantry before you grocery shop…and so on…

Your ‘life inventory’ should always start with yourself at the core and then within your ORBIT. As stated before there is no greater value you can offer to yourself and to those around you than the simple power of kindness and grace.

>We MUST create the emotional environment around us and within our LifeOrbit to be infectious, courageous, and advantageous<

Taking inventory of your inner circle is so incredibly important! Your ORBIT can greatly influence your daily vibrations; they nourish you physically, spiritually, emotionally, financial, socially and more… An authentic inner circle of friends holds a mirror up and shows you what your behavior and actions look like; and is honest, loving, and forthright in the guidance to make significant changes. The quality of your ORBIT of friends has a huge influence on the amount of satisfaction and success you draw from life.

We are a combined average of those we spend most of our time with = our LIFEORBIT. There’s nothing wrong with having many acquaintances and several friends but we must have a criteria for selection within our ORBIT.

CREATORS > your ORBIT is weak without creators. Creators are builders. Builders motivate. They help you maintain hope for the future. They help you build an unshakable faith in yourself and your dreams. They help you become conscious of your strengths, skills and talents, and they advise you on how best to nurture and use them.

CHAMPIONS > fighting to reach your dreams is like running a marathon for a medal. It’s only champions who get the medal. Championship is contagious so you need to have champions in your ORBIT. Champions stand up for you and your beliefs and they praise and affirm you to everyone else they know.

COLLABORATORS > collaboration is a success secret. You therefore need to have in your ORBIT those who share similar interest with you. With these friends you can create a common destiny. Collaborators are the kind of friends you are most likely to spend most of your time with.

CONNECTORS > your ability to meet other people that will help advance your goals and dreams is tied to the presence of connectors in your ORBIT. Connectors get to know you and then instantly have a drive to connect you with others who share similar interests and/or goals as you, or can assist with your #elevation!

CHARGERS > energize and cheer you up and are always available to boost your spirits and vibrations.

CONSCIOUSNESS – AWAKENER > stretches your viewpoint and vision. They introduce you to new and better ideas and opportunities. They help you to dream big and BE a forward thinker!

COUNSELORS - ADVISORS > have the ability to provide guidance when needed. They are problem solvers and help you to think through issues and evaluate various options.

COMPANIONS > your ORBIT is weak without companions. We all need companions. They are the first people you reach out too or call with any type of news. They are steady and are always there for you with a shoulder you can always lean on.

For those that know me today; know that my ‘LIFE-ORBIT’ is very much authentic and eclectic. This is not always black and white; there is gray. This is why having constant awareness is important as you enter into new relationships and evaluate old ones. Often times we meet someone and we really feel good about a relationship, partnership or direction; then once things set in-motion the truth begins to come to the surface. There will be times when you get knocked down by lies, disrespect, and deceit. But you need to realize that you are in total control; you are the CEO of your life. You have the power to hire and fire! You have the power to create your own ORBIT!

I most recently entered into a business partnership where I was not only a teacher but a student; and what I learned ‘again’ is that ‘if you have to take to create’ then you hold no authenticity and you will never ELEVATE into the realm that some will be blessed to reach. I’ve recently had content taken and deleted from me from my former FB blog page. This is a lesson learned in ‘gray’…that people are not always what they say or seem. But in this case, yes I have endured a loss but the beauty in this ‘lesson’ is that I will continue with MY gift to write and create and rise above those who try to knock me down.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and BE intentional and surround yourself with people who have great and ambitious plans, meaningful and life transforming purposes, and big winning targets and dreams. And decide today to create the kind of ORBIT that will help #ELEVATE you towards achieving all your goals, and reach your dreams with grace and ease. Choose to flow in The Lords will > stay motivated > stay blessed!

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