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Share + Life Inventory = ELEVATE YOUR LIFE_2.0

I’ve introduced the importance of #building your inner circle of friends; which makes for a natural transition of equally how important it is to #cultivate your relationships.

As you may recall, the verticals of ‘life inventory’ are; emotional self + relationships + work-life + recreational life. Each of these and its components form an ORBIT > YOUR ORBIT. With each one affecting the other and the intricate connection between all of the orbiting factors and how they not only influence our core (you) but how each vertical (emotional self + relationships + work-life + recreational life) influences each other = all interconnected. These components must all be working synergistically to feel whole and balanced in our lives. We are the CORE (influence) and our energy is a constant value at every point along its orbit. We must nourish, foster, and strengthen each area which is in orbit around us in order to feel more and more complete.

We start with the most important relationship which is the one we have with ourselves. For myself I reach above this to my relationship with The Lord. We are human and it’s natural to feel unloving, critical, judgmental, unforgiving, and harsh on ourselves…personally I must look towards a higher power (God) for instilled strength in my mind, body and soul. This is my core and center of how I live my life. I enter everything in prayer; asking for The Lord to reveal to me what I need to see, do, and know. Then follow- up with faith, and trust HIS timing and season with every vertical in my LIFEORBIT.

We must come to a vulnerable place of being able to step back and look within to see areas for growth and areas of improvement and change. And remember that kindness and authenticity will take you further in life than any other human attributes you can give to yourself and those within your inner circle.

Be intentional and understand you must first love yourself before you can unconditionally love others. Being selfish with your space is by no means a bad thing but rather a necessity; after all you can’t pour from an empty cup. As we evolve, we realize that friends aren’t the people we see may everyday, but are the people that add value to our lives.

Most of us have heard we are a combined average of those we spend most of our time with. This means that the people who occupy most of your time have a huge impact on your life. Their influence can impact everything from your self-esteem, growth and success — even the food you eat…

Ask yourself these important questions as you take this cumulative ‘life inventory’ regarding your relationships; what are these people like? For instance, do they tend to be more optimistic or more pessimistic? Are they supportive of your goals and ambitions, or do they more often “bring you back to reality”? What values are important to them? Do they represent the kind of person that you would like to become?

There’s nothing wrong with having many acquaintances and several friends but we must have a criteria for selection within our ORBIT. I had talked about an eclectic combination of people within your inner circle; CREATORS > CHAMPIONS > COLLABORATORS > CONNECTORS > CHARGERS> AWAKENER > ADVISORS > COMPANIONS.

Meaningful and authentic friendships take time to build and some people are more open than others. Everyone has personal preferences for how they’d like to communicate and how much time they have to spend. It’s important to honor that and also be clear in your communication about your own preferences. This safeguards your relationships from communication problems down the road because both sides know what to expect and the best ways to communicate with each other. This also touches on setting healthy boundaries, time management, and forming and keeping a solid work/life balance.

If a friend is consistently having a negative impact on your life in a long-term way, is using you as an emotional punching bag to take their problems out on, or is having some other toxic effect on you, then you might want to consider distancing yourself from them. Making a conscious effort to put your energy into more positive friendships in your life!

As you become more successful or advance, you change who you have in your life and what they bring to it = a give and take equation. Your circle may become smaller and smaller as a result.

This is why taking a ‘life inventory’ and having the awareness to refine what your circle looks like is necessary. This is OK as some within your inner circle are seasonal and were only meant for a moment in time. Learning to release and trust your own personal ELEVATION IN LIFE is so pivotal!

Spending time with people who are more skilled or nudge and encourage you to level-up can at times be uncomfortable. But challenging yourself to leave your comfort zone and learn from your peers and advisors is key!

Ask yourself how you want to feel around your ‘top five’ or your inner circle…? They would probably be good listeners. They make an effort to understand you and empathize with you. They respect your time. They’re probably people who make you want to blossom, grow, create, and share. They want to challenge you and help you.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and remember we MUST create the emotional environment around us and within our LIFEORBIT to be infectious, courageous, and advantageous. And know that our circles will constantly shift from becoming big or small with each #revolution. Trust the process and lean into your personal journey of elevating your life!

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