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Share + Life Inventory = ELEVATE YOUR LIFE_3.0

We all have a story and will have several plot twists over our lifetime. But is your chapter the story you want for your life? No one can tell, define or create your story. And you are not the labels society or people have given you. Your past doesn't define you. You determine YOU! If you truly want to turn the page and elevate in life; it will require courage, honesty, and venerability. This first means to ourselves. I believe it is also our responsibility to speak and share our stories. For some this may come over time; but to not go silent or be ashamed of our past. #walkit

Our life stories are a blessing and a gift; I believe a testimony! We must #talkit to encourage one another during hardships; providing hope, and perspective. If not, then we don’t create an authentic space to cultivate our circle of friends or build newly enriched relationships. We must commit to communication; our needs, wants, and desires. Create and build a solid support system and community around you and be willing to be the mirror to others in your life or to those who cross your path.

I believe that God redeems our story by surrounding us with people who need to hear your past, so it doesn’t become someone’s future.

Learning to ask for help is not easy. And self-doubt means you deeply want to grow; this is a powerful self-acknowledgment! Seeking counsel and mentorship, and having advisors around you both in life and business is so pivotal to move into #highergrounds.

You must also commit to being coachable and have the desire to listen and learn from others; as well as self-education – learn to receive. Be curious about others and their journey.

BE willing to step-out to #cultivate and collaborate with like-minds and build authentic relationships. Even if not you’re not really feel good about life; you must leave your comfort zones behind you!

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and know you are beautifully made = your story! Rest in The Lord and HIS will and stop trying to steal the pen! The chapters of your story are still being written – celebrate your victories and make every day your masterpiece!

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