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As we look back to the last post in this series; we can learn that self-awareness is useless without the equally important skill of self-management or ‘self-regulation’. This is a vital skill as we look to #elevate in our lives.

The simple definition of self-management is to have control (of oneself) behavior and emotions by oneself. This is to improve an individual’s ability to self-regulate and to gain (or regain) a sense of control over one’s behavior and life. This is something we generally do without much thought.

Let’s drill down and learn more about what self-management is; how we make the decisions we make, and why we are more susceptible to temptation at certain moments... This is also about making healthy choices when we may have a strong desire to do the opposite.

There are a few components that determine our self-management activity at any given moment. Our behavior is determined by our personal #standards of good behavior, our #motivation to meet those standards, the degree to which we are consciously #aware of our circumstances and our actions, and the extent of our #willpower to resist temptations and make the ‘right’ choices. To this point we must also learn and take responsibility for our own actions and then learn and apply moving forward.

When we live with intention and take the personal initiative to regulate our own learning, we can gain deeper insights into how and what works uniquely best for us, and, ultimately, we can learn to perform at a higher level and continually work towards being the best version of ourselves.

As we take more and more initiative, we learn to be attentive and plan, act, and monitor. There should be a point of self-reflection; that I find to be the most important. This to not only intensify in the NEW Year but as a #dailyresolution. This means to synthesize everything that we have learned; reflect, and take #inventory on our experiences…asking ourselves what has worked, and what should be altered or replaced in our lives.

Remember we are the lead character in our story and are works in progress that we mistakenly think are finished. But the person you are right now is fleeting and temporary. The one constant in our lives is #change.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and live and love the process towards elevating your lifestyle and overall well-being!

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