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Share + Life Inventory = ELEVATE YOUR LIFE_3.5

When you are your true authentic self; it promotes others to do the same within your ORBIT. This creates an important platform as you cultivate your inner circle of personal and business relationships.

You must demonstrate #courage and be open to share ideas and thoughts even when you are feeling inclusive, insecure, or uncertain. Having an authentic platform will easily allow you to step out and ask for help when needed. Enter into new and current collaborations with the intention to give. Having an open floor to converse and share will provide opportunities for you to pay forward your gifts and equally receive in your times of need.

Be a role model of #authenticity and hold others accountable as it will challenge those within your circle to raise necessity in life to do and be more! To this point; we must have zero expectations of others; doing this will position your life forward at higher speeds, and greatly reduce feelings of disappointment.

Stay in the practice of taking #ownership of being in your present moments; noticing what’s happening around you. Your environment. You are in charge and responsible of how your space thrives or dies. Your energy and joy can easily create a shift if needed within your environments. Enter with the intention to remain present.

When you are in ownership; you are #engaged which allows you to look at the aerial vantage point. Don’t be a spectator and just observe without action or progression. When you watch only you become a judge and jury which is very toxic to bring into your ORBIT and inner circle of relationships.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; there is a beginning and an end. The next moment is a promise and the last moment is a memory. Be grateful and live full not half.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and choose to live life present and make every moment count; this will create an entirely new level of transformation and elevation in your life! Live life with more urgency.

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