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I’ve introduced the importance of building and cultivating your LIFEORBIT and that taking a ‘life inventory’ will help provide you with awareness and a fresh #perspective. This is especially important when it comes to your inner circle of loved ones, and your community. I love this scripture; “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up…Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone…” Ecclesiastes 4:9 (TEV)

I’ve previously written about the most important relationship being the one we have with ourselves. I reach beyond this to my personal relationship with God. This is my core and center of how I live my life. I personally look towards a higher power (God) for instilled strength in my mind, body and soul each and every day. For me this is giving full #devotion, not little bits of my life.

There are many aspects; as HE is our creator and maker, judge, redeemer, father, and savior. It is a simple loving relationship between God and those he created. Life is meant to be shared – fellowship and experiencing life together. Just as we do with our close friends and family; I believe God yearns for us to do this with Him.

#Authentic fellowship is not superficial, surface-level chit-chat. It’s genuine heart to heart sharing. This is sharing of our hurts, revealing our feelings, confessing our failures, disclosing our doubts, admitting our fears, acknowledging our weaknesses, and asking for help in a time of need. This happens when we get honest about who we are and what’s happening in our lives. Of course being authentic requires both courage and humility. It means facing our fear of exposure, rejection, and possibly being hurt again. I believe this is the best way to grow spiritually, be emotionally healthy, and #elevate.

Fellowship is also a place of grace, where mistakes aren’t rubbed in but rubbed out. This will happen when mercy is over justice. We all need mercy, because there will be times in our lives when we stumble and fall and require help getting back on track.

We must too have the spirit of forgiveness; because bitterness and resentment always destroy fellowship. It’s God’s mercy He has given us as #motivation – for we will never be asked to forgive someone more than God has already forgiven us. Whenever we are hurt by someone, we have a choice to make: will I use my energy and emotions for retaliation or for resolution? And of course if someone hurts us repeatedly we must set healthy boundaries and work to restore trust in some incidences.

Another important foundation to building fellowship is #mutuality – this is the heart; building reciprocal relationships, sharing responsibilities, and helping one another. We are not responsible for everyone, but we are responsible to them. God calls us to do whatever we can to help each other. This is the art of giving and receiving - depending on each other.

You will never grow a close to God by just attending a service once a week or even having a daily quiet time. A relationship with God is built by sharing all your life experiences with Him. It’s including Him in every activity, conversation, problem, and even our thoughts. This is talking and praying throughout the day; conversing with Him while driving, working, or other everyday tasks. I personally enter into everything in prayer; asking for revelation on what I need to see, do, and what areas I need to take a #lifeinventory. Then I follow- up with faith, and trust HIS timing and season with every vertical in my LIFEORBIT. These are key principles to integrate into all our relationships.

A part of elevating in life is not always about changing what you do, but changing your attitude towards what you do.

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and start by practicing constant and continual conversation and meditation with God. Prayer lets us speak to God; meditation lets God speak to us. Both are an essential parts to quietly hear and receive your purpose and direction towards living and elevating to your next level!

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