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Share + Life Inventory = LIFESTYLE > ELEVATE YOUR LIFE_4.5

I’ve touched on the vertical of relationships to date in this series - and the importance of continually building and cultivating our inner circle and community.

Again, the verticals of ‘life inventory’ are; emotional self + relationships + work-life + recreational life. Each of these and its components form an ORBIT > YOUR LIFEORBIT. With each one affecting the other and the intricate #connection between all of the orbiting factors and how they not only influence our core (us) but how each vertical influences each other = all interconnected.

These components must all be working synergistically to fully feel whole and #balanced in our lives. We are the core or influence, and our energy is a constant value at every point along its orbit. We must nourish, foster, and strengthen each area which is in orbit around us in order to feel more and more complete.

This makes for a natural transition to our ‘emotional self’ or often called #emotionalintelligence (EI) which are composed of; self-awareness + self-management + social awareness + relationship management. And within each vertical are EI competencies, which are learned and learnable. The key here is having balance – and when we learn to do this we will drive change and #elevate in life!

Self-awareness – knowing who we are and how we’re seen. Having a high regards of self-awareness often contributes to being better performers, more promotable in the workplace, better communicators, processing a high-level of influence, sharing in stronger #relationships, and are better leaders. Self-aware leaders often lead more successful and profitable endeavors in life. But the facts; 95% of people think they’re self-aware, only 10 to 15% actually are.

There are two types of self-awareness: Internal = inward understanding of who we are and what makes us tick. External = appreciation and understanding for how others see us and we see them.

*It’s important to understand these are not related. Just because you excel in one doesn’t mean you do the other.

Today we live in a society that is becoming increasingly self-absorbed and less self-aware. Focusing on ourselves more and more but seeing ourselves less objectively and clearly. We all have many #barriers and things that are going on and happening within our LifeOrbit. Other influences are our experiences, level of power or influence, and our environments. For instance; if you hold a Senior or Executive level in the workplace it’s said you can often lack self-awareness; while a front line/mid-level individual possess a higher level. If you you’re a leader and are intentional to put in the work then you will be unstoppable!

This is why taking a consistent #lifeinventory along with getting constructive feedback from our trusted inner circles is so important. And remember sometimes the feedback we receive is more about the person giving it then about us.

In the end, the only self-awareness journey we can impact is our own. This requires an intentional #mindset, commitment, perspective, #courage, and investment! Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and let's work towards understanding our strengths, weaknesses, feelings, thoughts, and #values — as well as how they affect the people around us ie. within our LIFEORBIT. But that’s only one component…self-awareness is useless without the skill of #selfmanagement.

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